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Excellent performance

Proven energy suppliers with long service life, highest reliability even for critical applications and cycle operation. OPzS batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte. They consist of positive tubular plates and negative grid plates. They are ideally suited for applications with high cyclic and capacitive loads, such as power supply systems, safety power supplies according to VDE 0100-710 and VDE 0100-718, telecommunications equipment or as storage for regenerative energies.

TRIATHLON® OPzS batteries are characterised by low maintenance requirements, a long service life and excellent performance. In high temperatures or unstable power grids, they thus offer a high-quality, efficient and cost-effective energy solution. Optimal design, robust construction, high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art production processes make the OPzS series the ideal solution for stand-by applications, with a high level of safety and reliability.

System features

  • Very high operational reliability – even under harsh environmental conditions.
  • Very good standby and cycling behaviour
  • Optimal design
  • High capacities
  • Low maintenance – due to reduced antimony content and large electrolyte supply.
  • Up to 20 years design life – at an ambient temperature of 20 °C (80 % residual capacity C10).
  • Housing– made of high quality clear plastic with industry standard dimensions.
  • Tubular plates – in block design and as single cell.
  • Optional – also available dry pre-charged with separate electrolyte.
  • Low gassing – due to low antimony alloy < 2 % (EN 50272-2).
  • Developed in compliance with IEC 60896-11, DIN 40736, DIN 40737 T3.
  • Electrolyte: Diluted sulphuric acid dN = 1.24 kg/l
  • Manufactured in Europe – in our ISO 9001 certified production facilities.
  • Fully recyclable – low COfootprint.


  • Lead-Acid batteries
  • Stationary battery
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Emergency power supplies
  • Energy supply systems
  • Stand-by applications


  • sealed, low-maintenance