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Power supply systems for high-performance applications

Triathlon System GmbH


Triathlon System GmbH, headquartered in Fürth/Bavaria, is your specialist for battery-supported power supply systems with branches throughout Germany. As a partner of the TRIATHLON® group of companies, we are part of an established and powerful network.

Our high level of technical know-how and many years of experience in battery and charger technology provide you with the best basis for comprehensive and competent advice.

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.


Our specialist departments work closely together to provide you with the best possible advice and information at all stages of your order.

No matter what questions and wishes you have about your battery systems:

Do not hesitate to contact us!



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In use for the toughest requirements

The corporate philosophy


At Triathlon System, we face the changing, tough conditions in which our batteries and power supply systems are used just as we do in competitive sports:

With ENDURANCE, full ENGAGEMENT and maximum POWER, our systems are available to you for real emergencies and peaks in demand.

High-performance battery systems for all purposes

Systems for emergencies and peak demand


Our product range includes batteries of all common technologies, as well as safety lighting systems, UPS systems, DC systems and systems for many other applications. Our assembly and service teams ensure the installation and smooth functioning of the products and systems. We meet the changing, tough conditions in which our batteries and power supply systems are used with endurance, full commitment and maximum performance.

We offer high-performance battery technologies for your individual application:

OPzS BatteriesUSV Systems
OPzV BatteriesBSV Power Supply
OGi BatteriesSafety Lights
AGM / Gel BatteriesSafety Lighting
Ni-Cd Industrial Batteries