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Security and stability

Stationary batteries for a safe power supply


Many areas of modern life are no longer conceivable without a power supply. This makes it all the more important to be able to fall back on an efficient emergency power supply in the event of power failures and disturbances. Disruptions to the power supply can have damaging effects on the economy and operations and even endanger lives.

With stationary battery systems, we therefore secure the power supply in the event of mains failures, e.g. in security systems, hospitals, production and IT facilities. In this way, we ensure the safe exit from buildings, the continued operation of important equipment or the termination of processes.

And because the applications are so diverse and differentiated, we take care of the project planning, installation and service of the systems for you. 

Always true to our motto: Full commitment under the most difficult conditions.

Closed Batteries

Closed batteries are absolutely reliable energy suppliers with a long service life and maximum reliability - even for critical applications.

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Sealed GEL Batteries

Sealed GEL batteries for use in hazard alarm technology, safety lighting, telecommunications systems and railway technology.

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Sealed AGM Batteries

TRIATHLON® AGM batteries for economical applications such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS), telecommunications, automation technology and many more.